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Why Change Facilitators?

What makes us unique is the ability to determine root causes of problems with processes, systems, and staff performance.  Then we facilitate the implementation of the changes needed.  Our technical and management background provides the real world experience needed to help you implement realistic and achievable improvements.

We partner with you to identify achievable goals and to facilitate the changes needed to accomplish your goals.  In today’s virtual world, the resources available are practically unlimited, but it takes certain analytical and management abilities to identify root causes of issues, develop optimal solutions, and implement those solutions smoothly.  This is what we offer.  It means your organization gets the results you needed and expected within your budget.


At Change Facilitators, we are able to manage all aspects of a software project, including defining requirements, designing software, programming specifications, development, installation, training, team building, documentation, testing, and support.  We are also able to work within your existing organization to provide specific services such as Business Analysis, Data Modeling, or Project Management.

We are not developers, so we do not bring with us a predetermined set of software frameworks or technical architectures.  However, we do have the software engineering background and knowledge that empowers us to identify and acquire the appropriate technical resources needed.  That means these resources and our methodologies would be scaled for your budget and the needs of your project.  It also means we are able to fit in well with whatever architecture, methodologies, or frameworks you already have in place.

Management Consulting

We provide an objective perspective on the issues and challenges your organization faces.  In addition to software process improvement, we have particular strength in setting and achieving goals, business process improvements, and staff performance improvements.  We can work with you and your staff to identify the root causes of issues and facilitate the changes needed to implement efficient and effective processes and peek performance in staff.