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Doug Parris – CEO and Lead Business Consultant

Our CEO and Lead Business Consultant, Doug Parris, has over 25 years experience in a wide variety of industries working with software as a User, Business Manager, Developer, Analyst, and Project Manager.  His education, experience, abilities, and skills uniquely qualify him to lead Change Facilitators.

  • Played a key role in projects developing highly complex custom and packaged software providing business critical applications for large corporations such as  Union Carbide (Dow Chemical), Energizer, Ralston Purina, Boeing, Monsanto, Orlando Health, and Express Scripts.
  • Industries include Healthcare, Utilities (EMCs), Pharmacy, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Film Production, Receivable Portfolio Management, and Consumer Products Manufacturing.
  • Business functions include Health Claims Payment Processing, EDI, CIS, CRM, Customer Service, Order Management, Inventory, Pricing, Billing, Consumer Accounting, Collections, Marketing, General Ledger, and Reference Data.
  • Business management experience in customer service with responsibility for the processing of millions of dollars of transactions daily at Energizer.  Served in four of six regional customer service offices.
  • Worked with small and medium sized businesses in various industries.
  • Doug also incorporates his Christian faith into every aspect of his life.  He believes that applying principles of excellence, truth, fairness, integrity, and clarity will lead to great results.  He believes in treating other people as he would want to be treated.
  • Check out his Linked In Profile.